Research areas

The main dirесtiоns of scientific researches in the laboratory:

We perform scientific researches in the following directions:

  1. Computer Graphics (visualisation, computer vission).

          Development of the general algorithmic tools:

    • for the processing visual and graphic information;

    • for creation of the automated systems of visualization and simulation;

    • for creation new Graphical Applications for mobile devices: morphing and deformation of the 3D objects, and simulation others effects;

    • for reconstruction 2D and 3D objects with optimization memory.

  1. Pattern recognition and applications for robotics.

  • recognition of the 3D objects (statics, dynamics);

  • creation the recognition systems of a human face and gestures by means of 2.5 D video cameras, and also to control devices using gestures (optimal locate of cameras);

  • online recognition of the handwritten text, formulas, images.

  1. Creating of automated systems:

  • visualization and simulation system;

  • recognition systems;

  • system modeling in medicine;

  • Artificial Intelligence systems (Context text recognition for mobile devices);

  • System for warning traffic accidents in real time.