Project objectives: The aim of this project is to research new conceptions of the creating tools for simulation and visualization. Result of the conception implementation can be construction of an universal automated system imaging.

(Topic: FET Open: Challenging Current Thinking , FET OPEN Call), Type of Project: Research and Innovation Action (RIA))


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IDEA (figuratively)

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The existent concept of visualization tools We propose the concept of visualization tools

Existing automated systems for computer simulation 

Engineering company
One of Russia’s leading developers and providers of engineering solutions, which are the main elements of software engineering in the field of CAD / CAE / CAM systems  European company (Belgium), a world leader in 3D modeling. There are major global developer and supplier of CAD and CAM systems, automated software and imaging technology in medicine, the production of other fields of science and technology
(SolidWorks Corp., US)
3 6 7  Magics
(Dassault Systems, France)
4 5 10  RSM
(ТеСІС, Russia)
8  SimPlant
LMS Virtual.Lab
(LMS International, Бельгія)
11 12 13 14  Mimics
(ТеСІС, Росія)
Knee Wizards

Research of global climate change

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  • We have developed software for gesture recognition algorithms.
  • Application of gestures for noncontact control (in particular contact cards).


We have developed an automated system design models orthopedic corsets and research their effects on human health.

 Input Output
 Image of a person and general settings of orthopedic product.  Adapted orthopedic  product for a specific person considering certain constraints and model analysis of the main indicators of effects on human health.
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We have developed software algorithms for detection and prevention of dangerous situations while driving on the highway.

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Figure 1. Example of optical flow Figure 2. Example of clustering
Figure 3. Example of tracking dangerous situation
  1. We have developed software algorithms for recognition of human face.
  2. Applications for personal identification in crowded places (airports, large shopping centers).


We developed library programs algorithms for online handwriting recognition of text, formulas and images for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets).


  1. Developed software implementation of the realistic morphing algorithms for the arbitrary-shaped 3D objects optimized to mobile devices.
  2. Developed the algorithms for creating a smooth transition between objects using uniform and different types of interpolation (linear, harmonic, exponential and others).
  3. The results can be applied
    • interface and visual effects for mobile devices (2D, 3D)
    • interactive games and multi media applications.

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An example of morphing algorithms optimized for mobile systems (Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1)

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An example of morphing algorithms optimized for Windows 7 Professional